Lucky in Love Tennis

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Lucky in Love…A few young girls have become friends as a result of playing at many of the same tennis tournaments around the U.S.A. They are all very competitive, have passion for tennis, and enjoy a good challenge.
When they first started hanging out they realized tennis was not the only passion they had in common but also realized they shared a passion for fashion. One thing they talked about was that there was nothing fun and cool to wear for tennis.. Working as a team they brought all their great fashion ideas together and soon designed the best looking tennis and active clothing line… ever! Lucky in Love
Now, the Lucky in Love team is developing a great reputation for designing some of the best girls performance clothing and attracting attention from girls all over the world. Currently, it can be found in most tennis specialty stores, resorts, and country clubs all over the U.S.A.
And to all the girls out there…”Love what you do…play, sing, dance, laugh… Lucky in Love”!

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